Moxie Trades is the most recognized brand of safety footwear made exclusively for women.

Founded in 2006, Moxie is the ability to face fear with spirit and courage. We wrap women with Moxie inside and out. Our brand is just as important as our products. We are committed to developing the best products that are comfortable, safe and stylish. We strive to provide the best product, best marketing and best customer service. NOT 33%/33%/33% but 100%/100%/100%. This is not a fancy ‘Tag Line” but our mission; successful account managers embrace this mission with great success.
In Canada, Moxie Trades can be found in over four hundred retail outlets. We have a solid US business in North Eastern USA in retailers such as Grainger, Rocky/Lehigh Outfitters and Safety Solutions. Our 2016 plan includes increasing our distribution across the United States.
Our footwear selection continues to outperform our competition and is continually gaining floor and truck space. The offer is solid for 2016 and we are gearing up for an exciting 2017 as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary that our iconic pink work boot hit the shelves.  We have the right product at the right price that will “turn at the till.” We have an exciting three year plan that includes footwear development, marketing, and social engagement opportunities.

Moxie Trades Footwear Account Managers

The Opportunity
We are currently looking for Account Managers to fill our open territory positions in Canada and the United States. We are looking for “BIW” (Best in World) people who want to help us build our philosophy of a win/win/win/win partnership Brand/Account Manager/Retailer/WorkBoot Wearer. Collaboration, creativity, inspiration and energy are essential traits in this Moxie community.

If you have Moxie and are looking for a brand with heart, soul and potential, Moxie Trades may be a new and exciting opportunity for you.

Primary duties of the position include:

  • Selling into new accounts the old fashioned way – cold calls and door knocking
  • Increasing sales in existing accounts
  • Knowledge of the safety footwear industry is preferred
  • Providing updated customer and prospect lists with feedback on monthly basis is appreciated
  • Engaging in all Moxie Trades Marketing (includes Moxie Trades, Marissa McTasney and The Got Moxie Challenge)
    • Read, promote and engage with our retailer e-blasts
    • Social – have accounts in these mediums … facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin
    • Contests – promote and share using social media, email and word of mouth
    • In-store – merchandising & inventory
    • Events – promote always and participate when possible

Applicants must:

  • Love Moxie Trades; Energy for work and passion for our brand
  • Have MOXIE!
  • Have experience or keen interest in safety footwear for women
  • Have “sales” in their DNA
  • Maintain monthly contact with customers and buyers
  • Visit head office customer contacts and visit stores regularly
  • Be able to sell into multiple channels of distribution
  • Engage with Moxie Trades branding activities
  • Have internet Access
  • Respond to both Corporate and Client e-mail within 24 hours including read receipts/confirmations
  • Be able to use Microsoft Excel, Word, DropBox, Paypal
  • Be able to write a professional email
  • Set-up customers using our retailer website
  • Be able to work with a team

Please send resumes to Marissa McTasney at