Stay Connected.
As working Moms we are away from our kids for a good part of the day. If your kids have their own cell phones why not send them a text or give them a call at lunch time.  This is a great way to brighten both of your days.
If you’re able too, take a day off of work on the days your kids are off from school. It’s like a mini vacation for both of you. Plan a day of fun activities that are outside of the family home. This helps you rejuvenate too. You don’t always have to take a week of holidays off at a time. You could take some of your holiday time; add a day here and there to give yourself some long weekends off.
Thank your tribe. We all have people in our lives that we need to count on for help. Thank your family members, sitters or friends as often as you can that have helped you along the way. We all need a village to help us.

Talk to Other Moms.
You would be surprised how many other Moms are feeling the same way you do. Overwhelmed and tired. These friendships help us realize we are not alone and often have some great suggestions on how to help you with a particular problem. They get you, they are just like you.

Slow Down.
You don’t have to rush and do everything right away. We’re pretty sure if you took an extra few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee, everything will still be all right.

Stuff Happens.
We can plan everything right down to the last detail or minute of the day that we need to get things done by and still something always goes wrong.  Count on it; take a deep breath when that happens and keep going.

Planning is Key.
Most of us have day timers or calendars in our cell phones. If not you can buy a daily planner. Write down all of the activities your kids have as far ahead as you can.  If you have shift work, add that to your calendar. Plan your meals as well in your day timer. This way if you are out shopping you know what you need to buy ahead of time.

Have back up. How many times have we had to stay late at work or a Dr’s. appointment took longer than we thought? Make sure you have at least 3 people that would be able to help with the kids. If one person isn’t available you can try one of the others on your list. Offer to be their back up plan as well. When we offer to help others if often comes back to us when we need it most.

Make a few extra meals. You can make double of what ever it is your cooking and freeze it to have for dinner on those nights when you are either too tired to cook or have had a super busy day or evening planned. A slow cooker also comes in real handy too. There are tons of great recipes now that you can find online if you Google Slow Cooker recipes.

It’s hard being a Mom and working full time. We feel pulled between our jobs and our families. We hope that some of these tips help to relieve some of the stresses you’re feeling every day.
Don’t forget to take time for yourself too. When the kids are in bed; try our relaxing Epsom Salt Bath remedy to relieve stress and sore muscles.