Spring is finally here and pretty soon we’ll be heading out into the garden. Landscaping can get expensive, but there are some changes you can make without draining your bank account.

  1. Fertilizing your lawn:
    This is the fastest way you can change the way your yard looks. You’d be surprised to know that it really only costs you on average $.02 a square foot when you do it yourself. It’s an easy DIY job and that will revive your lawn after the winter season. Using a fertilizer will green up your grass in no time. Water your lawn early in the morning to prevent it from drying out and extend the life of your fertilizer. If you don’t have a lawn fertilizer spreader you can rent one pretty cheap. Make sure you wear protective gloves.
    Save more money by buying your fertilizer now, it’s cheaper before summer time.
  2. Tree planting:
    You can pick up small trees at a reasonable price and if you plant them yourself the cost is way down compared to hiring someone. Most nurseries can explain how to plant the trees you like or there are great instructions tagged right on the tree. The bigger the tree, the more they cost so if you don’t need a fully grown tree, go for the smaller ones.
    Tip: Make sure you check with your utility companies to make sure you’re not going to plant the tree near any of their lines that are in the ground.  Also, look up, check with the utility company that you are not planting near any overhead wires as well. This could cost you big bucks if down the road they have to come and trim your tree away from any of their lines.
    Some towns or cities also offer trees for free, check in your area and you could save money.
  3. Fencing:
    Having a fence is important if you want to keep your pets restricted to your yard and your children safe. If you need to replace your fence, consider tearing it out yourself. You can save a lot by making this part a DIY project. Fencing can get expensive so before you decide on a fence, think about functionality first before a wish to have.
    Before you do a tear down of your old fence, make sure you are wearing protective gear and safety shoes or boots.
  4. Staining a wood deck:
    Your deck is the gathering place in the summer for friends and family. The elements can destroy the look of your deck pretty fast and cause the wood to rot even faster. You can make staining your deck a DIY project. The best thing to do first is to pressure wash your deck and remove the grime, old flaking stain or paint from your deck. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can rent one at most hardware stores or borrow one from a friend. Make sure you buy enough stain to put on two coats. Check the recommendations on the container of stain before you start this project. You’ll want to wear something to protect your hands and clothes from the stain. Remember to start in a place where when you finish you can get off of the deck and into your house. How often have we heard of someone painting/staining themselves into a corner?

These are just a few things you can do to make your yard look beautiful again for you and your family to enjoy. These are projects you can hire someone to do for you, but you can save a lot of money if you make these projects or part of these projects DIY. Ask your kids to help you with some of it. Digging a hole for the trees would be something they could do and what kid doesn’t like to dig in the dirt.

All of these improvements also add to the value of your home.
Always remember to protect yourself when working outdoors in the garden or in your home. Accidents happen and your safety is our first concern. If you need any safety footwear or gear, don’t forget to check out our line of work boots, work shoe’s and apparel. We have some that are on sale now too, see our clearance section.