We spring clean our closet’s and basements, when was the last time you gave your cell phone a good spring cleaning?

Get Rid Of Apps and Organize The Ones You’re Keeping

Some apps didn’t live up to our expectations or we just plain don’t use them. The first step is to take a look at the apps you’ve downloaded and remove all of the apps that you don’t use.   There are apps that we love and use regularly, those apps should be on your home screen.  Other apps can be put into folders that are labeled by category. These apps should be on a second screen. When your screen is less cluttered we tend to use the apps more frequently because they are easier to see.

Clean Out Your Old Photos and Videos

When you transfer your old photos and videos to a cloud storage program like Dropbox or into the hard drive of your computer, you can free up lots of storage.  This also gives you a chance to delete those really bad selfies or photos you no longer want. If you upload your photos and videos to a cloud-based program you can access them from any device you use if you have wifi access.  Storing them on a PC or an online program saves these precious photos if your phone ever gets lost or stolen.

Old To-Do Lists

Creating to-do lists help us stay organized, but quite often we don’t delete our old lists. If you are a person that needs lists in order to be better organized, don’t forget to delete the old lists. We also feel less overwhelmed and more organized once we take those old lists out.

Take A Look At Your Contacts

Take a good look at your contacts list. Sometimes when we sync our phones up, the apps add all of our e-mail contacts to our phone contact list. Are there people you haven’t spoken to in years? Remove all of those contacts. It will be easier to stay in touch with those that matter to us most when we have a cleaned up contact list. If your contact list is really long, take a letter of the alphabet every day and clean those out you don’t need any more.   Sometimes there are a few contacts that are listed a couple of times. You can either delete duplicates or merge them together into one contact.

Check Your Inbox

Our e-mails and quickly become out of control. Unsubscribe from any newsletters (except ours of course) and promotional e-mails you don’t need. Create folders for those e-mails you really need. Once you create folders you’ll be surprised how much more organized your digital life will be.

We all have come to rely on apps to help us stay more organized. What is your favourite app that keeps your life organized?