Between magazines, TV shows and decorating websites, it certainly is easy to find inspiration for home décor. If your master bedroom is due for an update, you can add some serious wow factor with one of these eye-catching DIY headboard. Sure, there are many gorgeous pieces out there ready for installation but if you’re feeling crafty and creative, check out these ideas for fashioning your very own work of art!

If you’re an antique lover:

Start by searching your local antique shops and flea markets. Keep an open mind as you peruse the aisles; look for accordion room dividers, old tin ceiling tiles, shutters, mantles or wrought iron gates – anything that can be cleaned up, painted and repurposed. If you or someone you love is handy with power tools, you will be amazed at what you can whip together with just a few supplies. Tight on space? Attach small lamps and build a little nightstand on each side to eliminate the need for extra furniture!

If you are an artist at heart:

Unleash your creativity with a paintbrush! You can affix wood slats to the wall where your bed will be placed (Cut to desired length. If using old barn board, clean it up and sand first. If using new wood, take some time to distress the wood before painting.) After you’ve attached the wood to the wall, paint a nature scene, a special quote, flowers or a geometric design – the options are endless!

If you love combining textures:

Fabric might be the perfect option for your new headboard. For a classic, clean look that can work with many décor styles, an upholstered headboard is a fairly easy DIY project. Choose a bright and cheerful patterned fabric, or keep it simple with a neutral coloured fabric and a diamond tuft pattern – it’s easier than you think! Check online for step-by-step tutorials. For an even easier fabric headboard option, hang a stylish curtain rod over your bed and use a set of beautiful drapes to create your headboard.

After you create your masterpiece headboard it’s time to paint your bedroom. You’ll want to read our blog post how How Light Affects Paint Colour Choices.