On the six-month anniversary of the Women’s March, Moxie Trades builds and powers a Tradeswomen Directory in celebration and honor of amazing women.

Contact: Barbara Munshaw
Email: social@moxietrades.com
Website: www.tradeswomendirectory.ca
Website:  www.moxietradesusa.wpengine.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tradeswomen Directory
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/TradeswomenDir

Marissa McTasney led the Canadian Delegation to Washington and assisted with 34 local marches across Canada.  Moxie Trades sponsored the operations of Women’s March Canada. Marissa was also one of five global coordinators that helped 5,000,000 march globally. Women’s March Global created a framework called the HERS model; Health, Economic Prosperity, Representation and Safety. Moxie Trades is inspired and we will continuously strive to serve our communities with these values at the forefront. We encourage all companies to do the same.

In celebration of the six-month anniversary and Marissa’s determination to support women in the trades, Moxie Trades is powering a Tradeswomen Directory.

This directory will be a free listing service and will assist women with the following:

  • hire women to do work in your home or office
  • advertise your company
  • provide opportunities to connect for mentorship opportunities
  • share tricks & tips of the trade
  • how-to’s
  • network

“Our company has never just been about the work boots; it’s always been about the women who wear them” says McTasney; Chief Work Boot Wearer.

If you would like more information, please call Barbara Munshaw at 613-668-3380, or email social@moxietrades.com.

About Moxie Trades

Founded in 2006, Moxie Trades began with the goal of providing home renovation services primarily by teams of women. Fate intervened as the brand grew and it direction changed to suit the needs of the market. Through sheer grit and determination, Moxie Trades has evolved into the most recognized brand of safety footwear for women in Canada. We strive to deliver the best product with the best customer service for women who work in the trades. Our products – ranging from work boots to protective eyewear can be found in retailers across North America. www.moxietradesusa.wpengine.com